Introduction to Art Of Seduction Class


Introduction to Art Of Seduction Class
Monday 14th September – 6.30 pm
via Zoom

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Intro to Art Of Seduction is a precursor and peek into the full Art Of Seduction 4 Week Course. During the Intro you will receive a body, mind and senses awakening and gain insight into the following area’s:

~How to UNLOCK your sensual magic

~How to SUPERCHARGE  your personal power supply

~How to become an ATTRACTION MAGNET for anything you desire

~The NO 1 SECRET to seducing anyone

~Three powerful TANTRIC seduction techniques

~And why ORGASMIC manifesting is far more powerful than regular goal setting, and so much more  fun!


4 x 75 minute PRIVATE SESSIONS (online)
Cost:  $400.00
Note: You choose your commencement dates/times
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The Art Of Seduction Course incorporates a range of powerful modalities to awaken you to your full feminine potential.You will go on a deep journey of discovery and transformation, to reveal your truth, beauty and radiance.
Unlock your feminine power and sensual magic

Super charge your personal power supply

Become a sensual magnet and cosmic creatrix

Awaken your natural flow of potent sexual energy

See unconditional love and bliss radiate from the beautiful woman
in the mirror

Heighten your senses and journey into your feminine portal

Experience sensual enlightenment, unbridled love and freedom

Get past insecurities, blocks and old wounds to allow room for unlimited abundance to flow



Session 1 – Awakening the Serpent

Reconnecting to your Body and Senses
Gentle Awakening of Feminine Portal
Awakening Kundalini Shakti (Sacred Life Force Energy – Serpent Power)
Clearing sacred temple (womb)
Secrets of the Art Of Seduction

Session 2 – Reclaiming your Sexual Energy

Claiming Sexual Energy
Owning your Sexual Power
Sensual Touch
Eye Gazing
Seduce, bewitch and awaken , how to hypnotise people with your sensual energy
Walking in kick ass heels, struts
Using Props
Chair Dance
Archetypes including: Inner Warrior/Shadow Warrior


Session 3 – Worshipping the Body Beautiful

Body Confidence and body Worship
Power Poses
Mirror Technique
Sensual Touch
Art Of Striptease
Power of Imagination
Power of Lingerie and Heels


Session 4 – Unleashing the Wild Woman
Animal Movement
Erotic Dance
Power Props
Create your Seduction Dance



Awakening the Serpent
Clearing your sacred temple (womb)
Body Temple
Tantric Breathwork
Deep journey into the feminine portal
Feminine Archetypes
Dark erotic energy
Erotic Dance
Sensual Dance
Sensual Touch
Art Of Striptease
Burlesque and Belly Dance Moves
Ancient Secrets of the Art of Seduction
Manifesting Rituals
and much much more!

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