5 DAY GODDESS BODY PROGRAM - DanceFIT Wednesday 10th June 6 pm and Friday 12 June 6.30 pm

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Goddess Alchemy

Step into your full feminine power


Learn the secrets of the Goddess


Attract your true desires 


This week long immersion will give you the power to alchemically transmute your energy frequency to attract your deep desires.

Ignite the full force of your feminine energy and potent Goddess Power with this transformational 5 day program.

The Goddess Body Program includes:

💎Goddess Body Program PDF Guidebook

💎Love Goddess Rituals 

💎Love Goddess Invocation

💎One on One Alchemy Call (zoom or phone)

💎Entire access to 5 days of Group Classes including:

💎1 x Vintage Burlesque Class
💎1 x Cabaret Burlesque
💎1 x The Art Of Tease & Seduction Class
💎1 x Sixties Go Go Dance
💎1 x Go Go Modern Class
💎1 x Inner Warrior Yoga Class
💎1 x Sacral Power Yoga Flow
💎2 x DanceFIT Classes

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We begin Monday May 25th so mark it in your Calendar or Diary.

The Goddess Body Program is hosted by Maree, a Goddess, Actress and Tantric Embodiment Coach.

Star Sign – Taurus ruled by Planet Venus, governing Love, Sex and Beauty

Special Powers – Alchemist and Sensual Magick

Attributes – Empathic, Intuitive and Perceptive



Goddess Body Program – Feminine Alchemy (c) 2020



DanceFIT  – low to medium intensity dance fitness

Get Sexy and Flexy with a jazz funk, latin, afro dance fusion giving you a complete cardio fitness body workout



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Funky grooves, punchy beats, dynamic fitness and mindfulness techniques with a strong focus on awakening feminine wisdom and restoring body balance. Classes are formulated to work out your whole body, toning and shaping not only the large muscle groups, but the important smaller ones also, which ensure all areas are targeted.

Soothing stretches, strengthening holds and body rotations offer a complete overall body workout encouraging fluidity of motion. Classes are specifically designed for women, who want to get fit and toned, but who still want to keep their feminine shape. Sensual rhythmic grinds, undulations and deep breathing stimulate energy flow, release tightness in the hips and balance energy in the sacral area, where desires, feelings and emotions are stored.



Class Breakdown

Warm Up – 5 mins

Standing stretches and a focus on the breath to increase blood flow and warm up muscles.

Cardio – 35 mins

Jazz funk, latin, afro dance work out the upper and lower torso with arms and legs are often working simultaneously ensuring no muscle group is ignored, to give a complete overall body conditioning. Sensual hip moves awaken the sacral area and get your energy flowing. Strengthening holds with a yoga/pilates flavour work on a wide range of muscle groups and smaller muscles, leading to leaner and firmer arms, tums, buns and thighs.

Cool Down

Organic flowing fluid movements and long holds stabilise heart rate and breathing rate. We finish with a short meditation for mind, body and soul alignment.

Benefits include

  • Improved condition of your heart and lungs
  • Increased muscular strength, endurance and motor fitness
  • Increased aerobic fitness
  • Improved muscle tone and strength
  • Better weight management.
  • Stronger bones and reduced risk of osteoporosis

Regular dance fitness is proven to be one of the most effective fitness regimes, promoting healthier mindset, inner harmony and lost vitality Achieving a tighter, leaner and sculpted body is so easy, when you combine healthy eating with the right exercises and a positive mindset. All you need is a dash of discipline, a fixed focus and regular practice.

DanceFIT will improve mental and physical health, oxygenate the body, rejuvenate skin and organs, kick start your metabolism, burn calories, sculpt and strengthens the body and release endorphins. The combination of dance grooves, stretches and cardio fitness will burn calories, sculpt and tone the body while improving general fitness and wellbeing.


Awaken your sensual self and explore your sex kitten style with Burlesque! Learn a variety of classic and modern Burlesque moves and explore a multitude of different character’s persona’s. You will get to play with a variety of props including: masks, boa’s, gloves, garters and feathers,  which draws out your unique signature style and learn the fundamentals of Vintage Burlesque choreography, seduction techniques, costume styling, the history of Burlesque and an easy to pick up original 1950’s Vintage Burlesque routine.