Are you ready to awaken your FEMININE WISDOM, unleash your CREATIVITY and manifest your DESIRES?

Awakening Feminine Erotic Archetypes WORKSHOP

A powerful workshop for women of all ages who wish to connect to their true essence and explore feminine power through embodied sensual dance practices.

In this workshop you will be gently guided in the awakening of your powerful erotic archetypes: Temple Priestess, Harlot, Siren and Warrior Woman, free your PRIMAL wild essence and connect to the masculine and feminine polarities within.

By tapping into the Sacral Chakra where the sexual/creative energy is housed, you will discover the fierce feminine power of the cosmic enchantress serpent Shakti and your masculine and feminine polarities.

Techniques used:

Tantric Yoga breath work and postures
Dance movement
Tantra Dance
Primal animal essence
Erotic archetypes
Sound release

Sessions will be carried out by a qualified Tantric Yoga Teacher, in a sacred and safe environment, who will hold space with presence and acceptance.

Terms & Conditions – Must be booked in advanced. No refunds when payment made unless course is cancelled.

Goddess Awakening WORKSHOP


Goddess Awakening WORKSHOP

This workshop will take you on a journey of self discovery, where you will experience the sensuous, luscious, sparkling feminiity and full power of the GODDESS in all her glory.

Bringing the shadow to the light, where the myriad of archetypes and primal wild woman reside, you will learn to activate and awaken the sacral chakra, where the sexual/creative energy is housed.

You will be gently guided in the awakening of your powerful Goddess energy, your free primal wild essence and connect to the masculine and feminine polarities within. 

We will be using a variety of modalities including dance moves, tantric yoga breathwork, sound, postures and visualisations to allow you to connect to your dark Goddess Kali and Love Goddesses Aphrodite and Inanna. 

You will learn Goddess Hera attributes, power that comes from true self esteem, independent of criticism and flattery beyond the ego.   The Temple Priestess, shaman, mystic and alchemist attributes will be made evident, including deep insight and intuitive awareness which will invoke and transmute energies between unconscious and conscious awareness. The Temple Priestess owns her inner wisdom.

A professional Tantra Yoga Facilitator to awaken your goddess energy and wild woman within. 


Maree’s approach to teach is to ensure that everyone feels they’re in a safe place to explore new techniques and idea’s. Whether your’re new to body work, or someone wanting to deepen their practice in a group, you will be trained by someone who is very knowledgeable, confident and sensitive to the needs of each learner in the room. Maree will cover alot of content, keep you busy and make sure you have fun at the same time. Her workshops are definitely value for money.
Loretta – Workshop and Course graduate

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